Buying & Selling During Bootcamp

Value of an L1 Character

The current MPL Collection, will retain primacy in the Mars ecosystem and will be the “engine” that helps empower your players in the MPL, generates utility tokens which are usable across all the ‘MARSverse’ and acts as a mint-pass to future parts of the Mars ecosystem via preferential access, airdrops/free claims and discounted prices.
We recognise the market has currently continued to focus on “skill-tier” as the way in which the floor has evolved, alongside both Martians and Astronauts. As such, we do intend to continue to use skill-tier going forwards that will have additional rewards and/or access in the ecosystem. This will include benefits in the MPL game (such as enhanced recruitment probabilities of stronger players) and in the wider Mars Universe.
We require our L1 characters to enrol to receive their daily $REDDIES (MUBI), and as such we can monitor those who have stuck with Gaffer and the ‘MARSverse’ for a period of time. We intend to use this as a metric for future rewards. We have specifically used this approach rather than staking / removing your ability to list to allow maximum consumer choice, rather than creating artificial and unnecessary mechanics.
As a reminder, as we enter into Phase 2 and the full game beta/launch in Phase 3 - you will require an L1 character to claim your player before they become a fully persistent collection which is targeted for Phase 3

Value of an L2 Player

L2 players in bootcamp will offer an opportunity to earn $REDDIES and skill-boosts that will be useful to train your players. Although they will only be available during bootcamp, access to the bootcamp experience - aside from being fun - will help you accumulate utility tokens and skill-boosts that you can use in Phase 2 and the full launch (or sell on the open market)

Selling & Trading During Bootcamp

For most of our users, they will choose not to sell their L1 or L2 NFTs during bootcamp. However, we recognise that some will make that choice and others are looking to join the MPL. What does this mean for you:

L1 Characters

Selling: if you choose to sell your L1 player during bootcamp, you will not lose your L2 player, however you will not be able to reclaim them during Phase 2 of the game - the new owner of your character will. Bootcamp will be the end of your player’s story.
Buying: Welcome to the MPL and all the benefits outlined in above in the "value of an L1 character section". You will start earning our utility token via the MUBI once you have registered, and will be able to claim an L2 character in bootcamp (if not claimed) or during Phase 2. The player claimed in Phase 2 will be a player with the same skill-tier as your L1 player. You can read more about the differences HERE​
L2 Characters
Selling: If you choose to sell your L2 player during bootcamp, you will be unable to participate in the weekly challenges, but will still be able to participate in the MPL ecosystem. Your character will continue to earn their daily $REDDIES and you will also be able to take part in Phase 2
Buying: If you want to get involved, you can purchase an L2 character and participate in all bootcamp activities to earn $REDDIES. You can still spend these tokens on acquiring skill-boosts for your player, which you will be able to use in the future or sell on the open market. However, bootcamp will be the end of your players story unless you own an L1 character before Phase 2 begins