The End of Bootcamp

At the end of the bootcamp phase, all players will be snapshotted and will be reclaimable by their mainnet token counterpart when we move into Phase 2/3 of the MPL. At this stage, you should consider your player “retired” until the launch of Phase 2 when you can reclaim them in all their glory. We have deliberately designed this to allow us to manage any bugs or tweaks that need to be made as we move into the full rollout. At the start of the next phase, L1 owners will be able to reclaim their player with their attributes, or will be able to start fresh without attribute points set. Players will then have the opportunity to use their own skill-boosts they acquired during Phase 1, or those they got on the open market… What if you sell your L1 or L2 during bootcamp? Check out THIS SECTION​