Training & Attribute Boosts

You must show what you are capable of. Great things and great players all start somewhere. Nothing but your best should satisfy you. Professor Gaffer, Bootcamp Manual
Training & Attribute Boosts Your players have been training hard, and now you can get the pay-off. This is the opportunity for you to acquire attribute-boosts, which are ERC-1155 tokens. These tokens can be consumed to improve a specific attribute on your character. These will be obtained by burning $100 REDDIES. These tokens can also be sold on the open market - however, there will be a limitation on the number of attribute-boosts a character can use in a specific period to time in order to avoid hyper-inflation of stats. Once using a attribute-boost, you will improve attributes (reflected on-chain) at a rate that is dependent on the starting attribute level. There will be diminishing returns to training, which reflects that performance improvement gets harder the better you are at an individual skill. Players performance improvement will be as follows:
  • Attribute Points Starting Stat >=0 & <= 5, Improvement = 1
  • Attribute Points Starting Stat >5 & <=10, Improvement = 0.25-0.5
  • Attribute Points Starting Stat >10 & <=15, Improvement = 0.15-0.25
  • Attribute Points Starting Stat >15 & <=20, Improvement = 0.05-0.1
In the future, you will be able to reset your attribute points and distribute your initial allocation. However, improvements from using the attribute boosts, will be persistent. Choose wisely.
The initial cap on attribute stats will be 20. However, as the game grows we reserve the right to change these caps and the rate of performance improvement growth if required for game balancing.