Weekly Challenges

I just love games. These are my first, but they will not be the last Professor Gaffer, Bootcamp Manual
NOTE: FINAL $REDDIES REWARDS BEING FINALISED AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE It is now time for the first weekly challenges to begin. Each weekly challenge will take place on one venue on the Mars Map (note: there are more venues than challenges). Our risky games will start simple but become more complex over time. Some of our risky games, including one titled Penalties, are complicated games that you should look forward to strategizing about! The simple games will be familiar choice based games that could go something like this:
  • Option 1: No Risk - earn 25 $REDDIES with no risk
  • Option 2: Risk - earn 60 $REDDIES but with a percentage risk of winning nothing
These simple games will be the structure of the first c.2 weeks of Risky Games

Weekly Challenge Player Bonuses

But on Mars even simple games have a twist! Different players will face different probabilities of success or failure. The games will use novel protocols to alter the probability of winning based on factors such as:
  • Visual traits (e.g. pets in the pet training centre)
  • Attribute Points (e.g. higher pace players on a running track)
  • Quirks (some players don’t like Mondays)
  • Character Types (human/martian/’nauts)
Some games might even have two boosts depending on how generous Gaffer is feeling!
An illustrative example only would look something like this: Pet Centre Training Challenge - tame your pets!
  • Option 1: No Risk - earn 25 $REDDIES with no risk
  • Option 2: Risk - earn 60 $REDDIES but with a 50% chance of winning nothing
  • Trait Boost: Characters with pets +30% change of winning Risk;
  • Attribute Boost: 30% * (Teamwork rating / 20)
In this illustrative example, a player with a pet and +10 teamwork would have a +45% boost to their chance in option 2 - giving them a 95% chance of winning

Bootcamp Team Game

Although we know people will be individually acquiring $REDDIES, we also know football is a team game
Players will be arranged in teams based on the colours of their kits : Red, Green, Black, Yellow. There are 150,000 $REDDIES to be won by the winning team split equally between each member of that team. Challenge 1 (Total of 50,000 $REDDIES): Most $REDDIES Won Per Player
Challenge 2 (Total of 100,000 $REDDIES): % of Players Participating in all 6 bootcamp challenges (excludes God-Like, who are not eligible for this reward)
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