Game Styles

I am a man of deep integrity, but I know not everyone is like me. I hope I picked the right people to bring with me..
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 32
There are plenty of ways to play the MPL, which will you choose?
Fun fact: there are 678 days in a Mars year compared to 365 on Earth. Does that mean the transfer window to buy and sell players is twice as long on Mars as it is on Earth? Gaffer is not sure he has the maths right there yet. What is certain is that, if you like finding a bargain or selling at the top, the MPL may be the marketplace for you. Key to assembling a killer team will be using your resources wisely to stay within the quality tier of your league while outperforming the rest of the teams in it. That will require making the right trades at the right time. We all know how easy that is… right?
Most likely to: be selling, signing and loaning players on transfer-deadline day.
You’re aware that some people have come to Mars because they believe in Gaffer’s vision for a better society. You’re not one of those people. You couldn't care less about the Martian hospital or the Martian school or Gaffers’ commitment to offset the carbon footprint of his transporter. You’re here to make money. The players are an asset to you - they go up and down in value like any commodity. Gaffer is a pragmatist and will always do what is necessary to build his new society - do you think he wanted to order 18k litres of water from Amazon? So you’re welcome on Mars. Let’s just hope you know what you are doing.
Most likely to: end up in Martian prison for tax evasion
Are you a football purist? Leave the player trading to the money men… you want to train the players, discuss tactics and scout the opposition. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” - Gaffer likes that one. Welcome aboard.
Most likely to: be watching the previous matches of next week’s opponents.
Are you that person on Monopoly? Does owning property and taxing those that visit make you feel good? Gaffer knows that his new society on Mars will not build itself. So every genesis team may bring with it a genesis stadium (or, more accurately, a genesis bio-dome). As on Earth, not every football club needs to necessarily own its own stadium. So perhaps there’s an opportunity here for you to make team-owners an offer for their land in order to provide liquidity for them to build their teams. Bio-domes that host games will be rewarded; and the better the games, the more reward. Have you ever wanted to own Wembley, the Staples Centre and Fenway Park?
Most likely to: be over-leveraged on Martian bio-domes.
At the core of Gaffer’s brave new world is the idea that another society might have something to teach our humans, some of whom might have lost a bit of inspiration on Earth. Gaffer will reward those that mingle and help make this dream a reality. Perhaps teams with diverse recruits will have better chemistry scores on the pitch; or maybe it’ll be easier to train and get better if you are working out with a diverse group. Work hard, play hard: that has always been Gaffer’s way. So don’t be shy…
Most likely to: be at the local Martian watering hole leading a Martian/Human conga.
Gaffer knows that his society requires traders and agents to make his new world go round. But he wants dreamers as well as schemers! Much like on Earth, Gaffer’s office and tool shed will be open for drop-ins. And he wants to hear from you. Whilst he’s interested in the MPL being the best intergalactic sports league ever invented… he also wants to meet with those that want to be on Mars for other reasons. So if you have thoughts and suggestions that you think could help Gaffer build his Martian dream, then let him know. Those that help him, even off the football pitch, will be rewarded.
Most likely to: be stargazing on Mars