Roadmap for the MPL

My vision is more than a roadmap, it is a map and a compass to search for our true North.
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 329
To form the Martian Premier League, Gaffer has a clear roadmap in mind:
  • Phase 1: MPL Bootcamp (CURRENT PHASE - Learn More HERE) First he must travel to and acclimatise the players to Mars, and have them socialise, train, develop and recruit new players on this new terrain.
  • Phase 2: Martian Cup Next, he'll get his players accustomed to matchplay via the inaugural "Martian Cup" - a straight knock-out competition of randomly assembled teams.
  • Phase 3: Game Launch Then, he must find space to build the first stadiums on Mars that will become home to the genesis teams of the Martian Premier League. Finally, once the players are trained and the teams have land and owners, the real fun can begin and the Martian Premier League will kick-off.
Gaffer has the vision and the know-how, but it is a lot for one mad scientist to take on. He needs your help. The players need representation, the stadiums need building and the teams need ownership and management
Are you in?