Game Economy

It is my belief that we do not have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment. Let us correct the mistakes we have made on Earth
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 1273
Here on Earth, Gaffer has observed that every football ecosystem needs an economy - whether you’re buying Newcastle United or playing career mode on FIFA on the PS5.
But, as we know, Gaffer is not the kind of man to let big corporations, institutions, or governments take all the money. He’s got an idea. What if the game’s economy was owned by... you?
Although subject to change, the Gaffer has a good idea of the mechanics he would like to implement. We expect to have two native tokens - $REDDIES (primarily used for in-game activities in the MPL) and $ROVER (the governance token linked to the whole of the Mars Universe).
The below outlines the proposed usage of these tokens, although we do expect this to evolve and change over time with input from the community
$REDDIES(Utility Token)
REDDIES is natively earned by all players in the ecosystem, at varying rates depending on their earning tier (this is independent of their playing quality tier). This token will accrue on a daily basis to players who can choose to “claim” it at any time to use it to perform a number of in-game actions. These are likely to include:
  • Performance Improvement
    • Hitting the training ground and the gym? That’s bound to have some big pay-offs for you and permanently increase your stats. But the gains do get harder and harder each time.
  • Temporary Boosts
    • The rules are different here on Mars, and sometimes you can improve just before that big game. Is it a risk you’re willing to take?
  • Deepen Gameplay Options
    • Expanding the range of options, tactics, and roles for your players and team. You have to invest in that knowledge and practice to bring it on game day. Hopefully, it works against the opposition.
  • Resilience to External Events
    • You didn’t think Mars wouldn’t have its share of drama did you? Perhaps your ability to push through all the news events means your on-pitch performance won’t be damaged.
  • Recruitment of Players
    • When you’re not training or playing your existing players, you can often be seen at the local football club training and developing new players. Some of them eventually reach the point that they are ready for the MPL. They will never be a genesis player, but there’s always the chance you’re signing the next wonderkid
$ROVER (Governance Token)
$ROVER is the expected governance token across the whole of the Gaffer's Mars and beyond. Much like other governance tokens such as $RAIDER (Cryptoraiders) and $AXS (Axie Infinity), the aim is to reward and bring ownership and decision-making to the community.
Early adopters and holders (of our initial mint) are expected to be rewarded with an airdrop of tokens once they are released The governance token will be fixed supply and will be split between segments such as (i) staking rewards (ii) play to earn rewards (iii) ecosystem funds (iv) team treasury (with appropriate vesting period) (v) community treasury and (vi) liquidity incentives.
We may offer a further public and/or private sale of the token.