Gameplay & Economic Balance

I will build the foundations that offer true equality of opportunity on Mars
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 461
We recognise that we have a key role in ensuring effective balance throughout the game. To that end, we will continue to ensure we play an active role in the following ways:
We want the MPL to have genuine tactical and recruitment depth. We will allow players to unlock positional capability, wider array of tactics and other traits to allow team owners and managers to play their own style in their attempt to win. We know from experience on Earth that at times, certain tactical approaches can become dominant. We will conduct balancing at regular intervals to ensure the gameplay remains dynamic and enjoyable - and managers and players have genuine choice.
Economic Balance
We are also conscious that we will want to avoid character inflation, skill inflation and significant token devaluation. We will incorporate mechanics to provide some limitations to this to ensure that value is maintain within the ecosystem. This may include changes in the price of recruitment, time delays and other mechanisms.