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The best investment on Mars is Mars
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry, 944
Core Mechanics for Players What can you do with your players? Some of the core mechanics below (not exhaustive) which will be gated by using our native $FOOTY token and/or time gated events. The aim and structure of everything we are doing is to place everything on-chain in a way that pushes web3 technology forward while appropriately managing user experience. Watch out for our incoming development update in the next few days.
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    Stat Performance Improvement (see Training & Attribute Boosts) Improve the stats of your players in specific areas (e.g. shooting, creativity). We want managers to mould the right kind of players for their squad and tactics, but remember there are diminishing returns over time. These changes that are permanent will be represented on-chain in the underlying metadata for the player
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    Temporary Boosts The rules are different here on Mars, and sometimes you can improve just before that big game. Is that a risk you’re willing to take? These changes are temporary and will impact the on-chain game outcomes via average performance boost rates in terms of player ratings
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    Deepen Tactical Range Expand the range of options, tactics and roles for your players. You have to invest time to make sure you can play more proficiently in different positions. Lets hope it works on game day
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    Resilience to External Events You didn’t think Mars wouldn’t have its share of drama, did you? The MPL will not be immune from the broader universe. Perhaps you packed your asteroid protection kit for this big game?
Recruitment of Players
During certain recruiting events you will be able to recruit new players from your academy. They will represent Generation 1 (or 2, 3, 4 etc.) players in the game. Although they will never be quite a genesis player, there is every chance you are recruiting the next wonder-kid.
Genesis vs. Recruited Players
Genesis players in the MPL are eternal. They are able to continue to play into the future indefinitely. However, recruited players (i.e. Generation 1 plus) will have a more limited lifespan before they have to hang-up there boots. This is an important gameplay mechanic that manages character inflation while also allowing people different and more accessible entry points to the game.

PHASE 2: Game Beta

Once players have become more acclimated to Mars, it is time for the Gaffer to launch the first knock out tournament on Mars. Players will be assigned to random one-off teams for a giant knock-out tournament that will also serve as Beta testing for the game engine. The winners of the Martian Cup will be well rewarded.

PHASE 3.1: Teams & Stadiums (or Biodomes)

After a period of time (Gaffer needs to do some building for these stadiums…), we will have the ability for the acquisition of genesis teams which will come with their own stadiums. Let us explain more:
Genesis Teams: Genesis teams will be available in a more limited number to mint after our initial minting event. These teams will allow you to enter leagues, build your formations and manage your players to success. Each genesis team will come with their own genesis stadiums. There will be no more stadiums built on Mars. They will act as an income stream for everyone who players there in the league as you “rent” it out to them during the league fixtures
Teams: Teams are the same as genesis teams but do not come with their own stadium. They will be available to mint using our own native tokens in the game.

PHASE 3.2: Building Your Team

The biggest question we have been asked is: how many NFTs do I need to play and build a team. We have focused on creating multiple avenues so people can play and enjoy the game even if only choosing to mint one player.
  • Your own Genesis NFTs Perhaps you a bit of a whale and choose to mint (and buy on secondary) multiple genesis players to build our your team. This will be an option available to anyone in the game. Maybe you want a team where all the characters are martians?
  • Recruited NFTs As outlined, during certain recruitment events you will be able to burn $FOOTY token to acquire Gen 1 + players in the game. This will allow everyone to naturally build out their roster of players over time
  • Loaned NFTs Our system will allow you to loan players either for free (e.g. if your playing with friends or a community) or via a commercial arrangement (set fee, share of winnings etc.) to fill any slots in your team
  • Synthetic (Non-NFT) Players If you don’t have enough, you will be able to bring in some synthetic players to your team to fill up free slots. We are keen to ensure that even if you haven’t a full squad you have an ability to compete and have fun! These players will come with some level of disadvantage vs. the average of your squad (both owned and loaned players), as we do want to reward those who participate in the mint and ecosystem such as recruitment of players

PHASE 3.3 Leagues and Winners

League Structure
Leagues will be structured into quality tiers — so your team will compete against other teams of similar quality. For example, if your team has an average rating of “75” you may compete in a league with teams between 70–80 average rating. We believe this is important to ensure that there are meaningful competition between leagues that encourage the kind of deep and tactical gameplay we want.
Gameplay Decisions
Managers will have tactical depth in the game to build their teams in the right way to meet the demands of the opposition or get the best out of their players. Although our system will begin “simpler” it will progressively get more complex as we add in additional gameplay features. At a high-level gameplay decisions will include:
  • Formation Decision What formation will your team play?
  • Attacking Intent What is the goal of the team in terms of attacking — is it an aggressive attacking play style or more defensive counter attacking approach?
  • Tactical Styles How should the team play when they have the ball? How should the team respond when they lose possession?
  • Passing Style Is the default approach a long ball or short direct passing?
  • Set Piece Approach Always shoot? Always Cross? Captain’s Decision?
  • Team Talk Style Will you be warm and encouraging or will you throw a boot across the room?
  • Individual Player Roles How should individual players play in the team? Do you want to give certain players more creative freedom to “roam” looking for opportunities or is this a more strict approach to formation?
League Winners
League winners alongside some other special categories will be eligible for prizes which will include our utility token, governance token and Ethereum. The top leagues will be rewarded with the best prizes, but all leagues will be eligible on a sliding scale.
However, we do want to stress that although we want to actively reward success, that our goal is for you to enjoy playing and developing the best squad possible — rather than this being a pure earning approach.
In addition, there will be some selective cups that teams can play in that allow you compete across different quality rankings — and the team will be hoping for some big upsets!