I have lived a long life; there is not just one inspiration or moment that brought me to this. Each is a droplet of water, alone meaning nothing, but together the vast sea of possibility
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 812
We have a number of projects that have provided inspiration on our trip to Mars:
Traditional Media Franchises:
Our team has worked for two of the largest franchises on the planet: Harry Potter and Marvel. We are inspired by those experiences and our universe has been designed with two principles in mind: (1) There must be the possibility of multiple creative exploitations (gameplay, narrative fiction projects, merch) which can all enhance the world whilst keeping the a narrative/creative "spine" (2) It must be fun! The best entertainment franchises give millions of people light relief and diversion from daily life. We want to spark joy in those that want to come with us to Mars
Web 3 Projects
Many projects and founders have inspired us including DefiKingdoms with their approach of use of Defi Protocols and value of genesis heroes, Cryptoraiders approach to tokenomics and recruitment of new raiders, Pixel Vault's relentless focus on rewarding holders of their items, Critterz loan mechanics and Gala Games multiple intersecting world building. There are too many others to name, and we always love to connect with founders. Email us!
Traditional Gaming
We have been inspiration by all different genres of games: (i) Narrative and Persistent Universes such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy & Mass Effect (ii) Strategy Games such as Civilisation and X-COM, and (iii) the beautiful music, art and gameplay of titles such as Ori & the Blind Forest, Journey and The Last of Us