Our Vision For Mars

Mars is accessible by everyone. Not just for pioneers or the rich. It is our new frontier. To explore that which is unexplored is the essence of what it means to be human
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 165

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a new entertainment franchise that will be expressed through a number of projects in Gaffer's new society - the first will be the Martian Premier League. We will bring together movie-studio quality art combined with web3 technology with a world-class and experienced team capable of delivering a multi-year roadmap that will push the limits of web3 technology to bring value to our community and holders.


Your initial mint is your ticket to Mars.
It will be your character who is going with Professor Gaffer to build a new society on Mars. This PFP art brought together by Rupert Gruber (Marvel, Sony, Universal) will act not only as your character, but act as your mint pass to the whole Mars Universe
Holders will first reward with the ability to create a genesis player who can operate in the Martian Premier League (separate NFT on L2), which is our first foray into Gaffer's World. This additional NFT will act as the gateway for participation in the Martian Premier League and all the mechanics outlined in this whitepaper.
We want to give people the ability to own a character in Gaffer's Mars and that will act as your mint pass to our whole universe. We will consistently reward these holders with preferential access to every next expression of the universe.
This allows owners to maintain their access to the universe and engage with the parts of the universe they are most excited about. Splitting participating in specific games or elements of the Mars Universe from broader engagement in Gaffer's Mars. Play the way you want!