Welcome to Mars
I have a better vision. A brave new world owned by the people. To build something better. A New Beginning. A New Society. A New Life.
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 1

Welcome to Mars

Have you ever felt Earth just does not cut it anymore? Professor Gaffer agrees. Professor Gaffer wants to build a new society.
He has his own mission, a vision, which will take us to somewhere we have not walked before. He is offering a new beginning, a new society, and a new life.
Mars will be the beginning of Professors Gaffer's journey and will form the environment and universe in which each of the hand-selected humans and Martians will interact, learn and grow. Think of this as our Azeroth, Tamriel, Hyrule, Lordran or The Wasteland.
His first mission? To build the Martian Premier League, but that is just the beginning

What is the Martian Premier League About?

It’s 2022 and our protagonist Professor Gaffer is setting up a new football league on Mars.
Why? Because the sale of his favourite football team to a disreputable new owner was one earthly disappointment too many.
The Martian Premier League (MPL) will prepare for take-off in Early March. It is the first expression of the universe and world that Professor Gaffer will be building on Mars. This expression will be a fantasy-football (soccer) / football-manager style game incorporating both crypto utility and governance tokens.
You will be able to train & develop your players, recruit new players and form teams and ultimately compete in the inaugural MPL Competition. This whitepaper providers an overview of the MPL and expected game mechanics and economy.
Ready to join us?
For those that would like to read our overview paper which is less detailed than the whitepaper, you can find that HERE​
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