Our Principles

Do not ask for permission to do something. Ask: does this align with my principles? Then you have your answer.
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 21

Deep Narratives & Gameplay

There was a time when people played games because they were entertaining, the universes were diverting and they could connect and socialise with their friends. We think the technology of web3 is being misapplied currently to try and build games with unsustainable p2e economies. We believe that the projects that will win in the long-term are those that have the ability to do the same things that popular games do today: tell stories in immersive social worlds. That starts with the creative quality and "world building" potential that we will build into this project


We are strongly committed to decentralisation - both in terms of ownership of Intellectual Property and ability to share in the growth and commercial success of the franchise. This also extends to bringing the community and holders together to be active participants in shaping the narrative to change and alter the world Gaffer is trying to build. Will you support his lofty ambitions, or be a thorn in his side?


We want assets to be used seamlessly across ecosystems. At the more basic level that will involve allowing collections to be wrapped into our universe to participate actively, but we will remain as open as possible to allow holders to build and use their NFTs in new and innovative ways across projects and other IP.

Play AND Earn

We intend for our games to have some earning element via native tokens. However - we know that Gaffer hates a ponzi scheme. We will not be reliant on exponential user base increases in the way our games are designed. The focus is on playing and earning rather than playing purely as a means for earning.

Fun, not labour

We will build a universe and games that are fun to play at their heart, rewarding primarily gameplay and skill rather than labour.

Long Term

We will build projects that are expected to last for multiple years. Our commitment is to a multi-year endeavour to build the world of which Professor Gaffer is dreaming