Worldbuilding & Lore

I will bring with me to Mars the storytellers, the historians, the economists, the teachers, the doctors, the sociologists, the scientists and the engineers. Either we will build the world we are seeking or we will find our place in something that already exists"
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 674
We have had the massive privilege of working for a number of fantastic franchises in our careers, as well as being consumers of deep immersive worlds from Middle Earth to Star Trek to Discworld to Azeroth & Hydaelyn.
As we have thought about building the Mars Universe, we see this as building a deep and meaningful world that our characters can interact with. The Martian Premier League is only one expression (and a fun one!) within the broader universe.
For us, this is really important. We want people who want to engage in the Mars Universe and all the future expressions, and those people who are excited about our Fantasy-Football based game on Mars. You can like both or just one of these and still enjoy the world and the game. That is why we have structured our mint to allow you have access to both a character and a player (see here and here)
We have always been taken by the way that Patrick Rothfuss talks about world building - "World building has two parts. One is creation. The other is bringing the world into your story. Everything you create should not be in your story". As we build out the Mars world, there is so much that we have in store - in terms of the lore, the science, the relationships, the flora & fauna (and much more) - that will form the backdrop to all the future expressions of the Mars Universe. Not of all of that can or should end up in each expression and build out of the Mars Universe - but rest assured, we have thought about it.
(Eleanor has spent a lot of time talking about the bio-luminescing mushrooms and worms that light the tunnels of our Martian friends...)
The great thing about decentralisation and ownership is we as founders of this project won't fully control that world and its emergence. We may want to create some foundations, but this is a chance to fully bring in our community to build the extensive world that exists in Mars. The lore, the side-stories, the technology and the history of the red planet. This is more than just fans engaging, it is you as the characters of the world helping us build the history, culture, science and economy of Mars.
We would love to hear some of your thoughts on the Mars Universe. Perhaps you have managed to find some of Professor Gaffer's other diary entries not mentioned in our whitepaper, and want to share them on twitter (funny, creative, lore building - he writes all sorts) with #GafferDiary . Mars-List awaits for those judged the best.