Art & Creative Notes

I have always admired the pioneers of a new movement. I take to heart what Picasso said - "everything you can imagine is real"
Professor Gaffer, Diary Entry 45
In creating the visual landscape of the Gaffer's world, we took care to follow the same processes we would for any of the other brands we've had the privilege to work for. We wanted to ensure we kept the standards high - working with best in class artists, designers and writers. When it comes to character design - as well as the weird and wonderful touches you would expect in NFT artwork (when can we get a 'born to cuddle' sweatband?) - we wanted to make sure our humans had a relatable and gritty touch to them. They've seen a bit of life (and the solar system) - these are not prima donna millionaires. They are pretty down to earth, considering.
The Martian characters might not appear exactly as you expect, but we wanted to show they were well adapted to the slightly chillier climes of Mars. The hairy look is a bit of a love-letter to Chewie too. They are often spotted wearing protective eye goggles (they don't spend a lot of time above ground normally). As for the kittenish ears - well they are great listeners our Martians. They'll pick up the game in no time.
In terms of our colours, textures and Rupert Gruber's distinctive comicbook-esq style, we are creating an aesthetic that is reaching towards a hint of nostalgia. Our type choices and MPL logo also hint towards a vision of the future that comes from the past (we watched a lot of TNG in lock down - a lot). Perhaps it comes from a yearning for a simpler time when life on earth seemed easy, football was a game we played for fun and no adventure felt impossible. ✨