Utility Token Earning

The system at Earth was broken. The MUBI will bring about a system based on equality, not one where 1% control 99% of the wealth Professor Gaffer, Mars: A Vision
NOTE: FINAL TOKEN NUMBERS ARE BEING FINALISED IN TERMS OF SCALE OF EARNING PER DAY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE Our utility token ($REDDIES) will start being earned by your character on mainnet, once you have registered and enrolled at the bank. The records on Mars are meticulous, and we always know how long someone has been registered with us.
Also are $REDDIES the coolest currency in the metaverse?
Your characters on mainnet are the engine to your activity in the ‘Marsverse’ and the token engine to your player on L2. Professor Gaffer has strong views on how wealth should be distributed in his new society and as such he has instructed the bank to give a Mars Universal Basic Income (MUBI) to all characters.
MUBI will be 5 $REDDIES per day. $REDDIES are ERC-20 tokens that are tradable. We do not expect to provide liquidity for this token at this stage, although we are legally structured in such a way that we can provide liquidity in the future. In addition to distributing MUBI, our Mars Bank has other plans. They have just hired a new loyalty manager (Sharon) - so look out for rewards for characters who stay registered for a long time.
Mars Bank